About us

Tendencies on the labour market - like shortage of labour and high fluctuation - as well as trends in communications encouraged us to challenge the current practices of how we manage internal communications and brand building. While companies are striving to attract and retain relevant talent, the importance of Employee Experience, and the need for building an Employer Brand is becoming more and more appreciated. We at Beyond believe that neither of these should be approached at surface level. A key prerequisite is that all HR and communication related activities, as well as everyday leadership practice must be built on corporate values and value offer. For this, strategic thinking and active leadership support are of crucial importance.

Beyond offers a modular solution that allows for the development of a data based, customized EB strategy, supporting the recruitment and retention of employees relevant to the company. Our activities are based on unique research, we integrate organizational development with communication, and if needed, provide training services as well. Our interdisciplinary team of experts consist of five senior consultants, who have led several successful EB and EX projects both in and outside Hungary. We offer end-to-end solutions: we define objectives in cooperation with our clients, and we deliver a full range of services from strategy development to implementation, while continuously measuring our performance. Our proposals are practical and support business objectives, our solutions are all unique and customized, differentiating our clients from competitors.

I am Anita Balaton. I have been working on corporate communication, and organisational reputation for nearly three decades. As a head of a company and as a consultant, I learnt that, due to digitalization and the resulting transparency, credibilty has become a major factor for a company's profitability. I have experienced the impact of an efficient, consistently built communication strategy, creatively implemented with the support of leadership. I know what it means when a brand is strong, and I know how to make it strong. In my work, I have always relied on research and data. I start from strategic thinking and get to tools from there, because this is how a solution I propose can be effective. I am proud of the HR support tool, EMagnet, which we developed in cooperation with IPSOS and which is an excellent help in developing truely differentiating EVPs. I have worked on the employer brands of OTP Bank, VELUX and Sanofi, and in the area of communication in nearly all industries, with numerous local and international brands. I have an international Employer Branding Expert Certificate, and I am a PR economist. I have developed several award winning campaigns as a consultant of local and international companies, and I frequently speak at conferences and universities.
I am Tamás Nagy. After twenty years of expecience in the area of communications, it is clear for me: the projects where I was most successful were the ones where I started with establishing the internal commiunication processes of the organisation I worked with. Brands are only able to change the attitudes, increase the engagement or reganing the trust of their external stakeholders for the long term if their employees demonstrate an internal conviction in their own communication on any platform. Nothing can undermine an organisation's communication more than the uncertainty of those who should represent it. No integrated campaign should be overridden by an opposing statement from its own employees. I have seen such challenges -- pitfalls -- at retail chains as well as at insurance companies, banks and manufacturing companies, while I was supporting a product launch, brand building or crisis management. In the past two decades, I contributed to the design and implementation of internal communication startegies. Employer Branding is a key element in all of these.
I am András Mármarosi, PhD, organisation development and organisational culture expert. I learnt about Inside-out Branding from British and New-Zealand consultants more than 10 years ago, and I have been intrigued by the topic ever since. In the past few years my attention has turned towards the relationship between Employee Experience and Employer Branding. Based on my experience that I gained at numerous local (MOL, MVM, Richter) and international (K&H, UniCredit, Generali, GE, Bosch, Sanofi) companies, I am convinced that intergrated and holistic solutions are needed if companies want to achieve a cometitive edge in this area. By this I mean that this issue cannot be managed effectively along the lines of traditiional functional thinking. Instead, a cross-funtional cooperation, and an interdisciplinary dialogue is necessary. Aside of consulting, I am currently a lecturer at the Corvinus University of Budapest, in the topics of Leadership and Change Management.
I am Zita Molnár. I have more than two decades of experience as a communications professional. During this time, I have worked with FMCG (Philip Morris) as well as B2B companies (Budapest Airport, Tetra Pak, Nokia), in various areas of communication: internal, external and marketing communications. I also have 15 years of leadership experience, having led teams in Hungary, in CEE and in Europe. In the last decade, projects requiring an intensive cooperation with HR (such as employee engagement, organisational transformation and change management) gained prominence in my work. Thanks to these, I obtained first-hand experience about the benefits, and even necessity of an integrated approach. I believe that today, the functions dealing with employees or potential employees should not be separated. An integrated, complex approach supporting the business strategy is fundamental for a brand to offer a consistent and credible brand experience through communication as well as through everyday practice. At the same time, we must also remember the importance of leaders -- a comprehensive employer branding strategy can only be implemented with their active endorsement and participation.
I am Gyöngyi Janky. I have two decades of experience in external and internal corporate communication, as well as in product and corporate brand building. Having worked in international organisations I quickly learnt that thinking inside the box is not a viable option in communications: you always have to consider the specific corporate environment, and the culture of the specific country. I passionately believe in people and that the return of time, energy and money invested in people is manifold. I have been fortunate to learn the profession and leadership at a global company (Procter&Gamble), where people are in fact considered the most valuable asset of the company. I gained experience in diverse corporate cultures: at international and Hungarian multinational companies (MOL Group), at a government body (HIPA) and Hungarian SMA (Scitec). No matter how big and what type of a company we consider though, building the Employer Brand always starts from inside. It will only be credible, if it rests on actual values, related behaviours, and real employee experience. This is the only way to attract and retain employees who culturally fit in and are relevant for the company.