Labour market challenges

96%of applicants check the company before submitting their application
80 000
80 000open positions in Hungary
51%fluctuation among blue collars,
41% overall
Only29%of employees would recommend their workplace to others
Up to20%of employees leave within the first 3 months
#1reason for leaving is the disappointment that employers did not keep their promises
84%would change jobs to work for a company with a better reputation
45%care about what others think of their workplace

Our solutions


Analysis of the external and EX&EB related internal situation:

  • we review the market environment (PESTEL) and competition
  • we use our unique diagnostic tool, EMagnet to analyse loyalty
    and intentions to stay with the company
  • we use our Value Radar research to assess the alignment of brand, organisational and employee values
  • we audit the external and internal communication of the Employer Brand
  • we analyse EB related HR systems
  • we assess the company's EB maturity status along our Excellence Pathway model, with the involvement of the most important stakeholders
  • we use social network analysis to explore the information flow processes inside the organisation, we identify key opinion leaders and potential dropouts

Definition of a differentiating and credible Employer Brand:

  • we define a unique EVP which is relevant and credible for the organisation's target audiences, and reflects the company's genuine, tangible values
  • we build on the analysis of targeted talent segments, the experience
    of existing employees, and -- in the case of international organizations --
    the global EVP
  • we also define the company's expectations
  • we design an EB strategy -- besides short-term solutions, we focus
    on long-term strategies that are in line with the brand and with global guidelines, while also taking local conditions into consideration
  • we define an EB platform which serves as the framework for the EB strategy, and includes the positioning, messaging and creative concept
    of the employer brand

Designing the practical application of the EB strategy:

  • we develop EB communication strategies, applying integrated solutions
  • we design interesting and exciting recruitment communication
  • we integrate each relevant internal and external communication activity into the EB communication strategy
  • we work with a wide variety of tools and formats, our portfolio includes numerous creative solutions, ranging from story telling to EB video creation
  • we design Engagement / EX programs along targeted strategies
  • our solutions combine creativity with efficiency: thanks to our data based approach, we are able to design novel and exciting programs and initiatives which, at the same time, also support EVP based and long-term EB strategies

Practical implementation and application of the EB strategy throughout the employee life cycle:

  • we select the most appropriate and most efficient tools relevant
    to the specific company (eg. social media platforms, external and internal events, videos, ambassador programs)
  • we create templates and guidelines for proposed tools in order
    to support aligned, and thus efficient communication
  • we support top and middle managers in developing their communication skills and capabilities, whether via training programs or individual coaching
  • we organise cross-functional workshops (HR, Communication)
    to establish a common understanding and language regarding both Employer Branding and Employee Experience
  • leveraging the results of our social network analyses, we help define, prepare and mobilise Employer Brand Ambassador teams
  • we assess and define Employee Experience (EX), we analyse the connection between Employer Brand related messages (EB) and
    the Employee Experience (EX), and we design actions to enhance Employee Experience (EX)
  • we review the critical HR systems and processes of the organisation, with great emphasis on consious Candidate Experience management, as well as the value-based alignment of evaluation and reward systems with
    the EB strategy
  • we provide support for the implementation of all internal and external communication activities related to corporate culture and EB processes -- from designing CSR strategies in line with the EVP, through change communication to crisis communication
  • we monitor and analyse industry trends, and the communication
    of identified competitors, the company's stakeholders and key opinion leaders

Monitoring and measuring the rate and direction of change induced by our activities:

  • we develop measurement methodologies which are optimal for
    the specific activity, and transparently demonstrate our added value;
    we install the measurement tool
  • we measure both HR and communication performance indicators, such as fluctuation, employee loyalty, employee perception about the company, acceptance of top and middle managers, efficiency of EB communication, the understanding and perception of company values, change
    of organisational culture

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World Employer Branding Day, Lisbon
November 4-6, 2020
The new date has been finally set for the industry event most anticipated by EB experts. Beyond is an official country  partner of the event, thus we can offer a discount for our clients. For more information, please contact us: